Reusable and one-trip packaging solutions

Sigma supply purposeful solutions by working closely with our customers from start to finish.

With our supply chain and packaging experience, combined with an understanding of your business (that will come from you and your colleagues), we aim to improve areas of the supply chain by introducing solutions that will benefit areas such as minimising double handling, increasing vehicle fill, reduce picking and loading time and improve health and safety.

Alongside the standard products that we supply, our in-house design service allows our customers the opportunity to work alongside us to develop bespoke solutions for the challenges that require more than something off the shelf.

Industrial and Automotive

The way that a product is packaged and handled is integral to ensuring the most efficient form of supply chain. Choosing the wrong solution can potentially cause damages to parts, cause unnecessary double handling, wasted space when transporting or storing parts or create health and safety risks to operators.

We provide the highest standard packaging solutions which will protect your goods in transit and ensure that an optimum level of service is achievable from A-Z without risk of flaws.


Finding the right size and type of packaging that drives efficiencies from picking in the distribution centre to replenishing the shelves at stores is often challenging due to the contrast in demands of both environments.

Sigma understand that achieving the right balance is paramount to ensuring an efficient retail network, and that the full supply chain needs to be considered to drive cost savings in what is a very competitive market.

Seasonal fluctuations can cause significant inefficiencies when it comes to packaging and handling of products, therefore we are able to offer short term rental options on most of our equipment, enabling our customers to maintain their normal processes, and avoid unnecessary one-trip packaging costs.


Pooling and Rental

Sigma can offer short term and long term rentals on a range of supply chain equipment at extremely competitive rates. We understand that most businesses realise periods in the year in which they experience higher than average volumes, therefore rather than wasting time and money on one trip packaging solutions, a more viable solution may be to rent the equipment until your volumes drop back to normal levels.

Bespoke Design

The right solution for your supply chain may not be available in the market, therefore we have in-house design expertise, that allow us to work with you to create solutions that will enable you to maximise efficiencies in your supply chain.

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